What Is Involved in Horse Breeding?

Quite often when a horse lover becomes a horse owner they may entertain the thought of then becoming a horse breeder. At least perhaps for the purposes of breeding their own horse. If they own a mare there is the enticement of having the mare bred and owning the foal. If the horse is a male and is still a stud then money can be made from stud services.

Although the thought of horse breeding may be intriguing as well as profitable, it comes with a lot of work and responsibility.

The Proper Conditions

The first step is determining the purpose of the breeding. Is it to strengthen or preserve the qualities of the bloodline?

Then it has to be determined that the mare and the stud are both in good health and that there are no genetic flaws apparent that could be passed down to the foal.

The Breeding Choices

Next, the pairing of the horses for breeding has to be considered. A close look at the bloodlines of the parents has to be taken into account. Plus the breeding horses should be compatible in size to ensure that there will not be any damage done to either horse through the breeding activity.

Proper Breeding Facilities

Where the mare is going to be bred should be thoroughly checked out by a qualified professional. In most cases, the mare is taken to where the stud is being housed. The mare owner has to be sure that the owner of the stud is experienced in handling the breeding period which includes the gestation as well as the parturition.

The Outcome

There should be some definite plans as to what will be done with the foal. It has to be determined whether the foal is going to be kept, or whether it is going to be sold. If this is the case then it should be determined that there will be a market for the foal.

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