Western Horse Competitons

There are many different categories of horse competitions and among these are the western events. Many of these events are based on the rugged characteristics of the horses as well as their agility.

Some of the common competitions that are held in the western form of horse riding are….

Western Pleasure

The horses that perform in these competitions have to be horses that are well behaved and have the ability to provide a pleasurable ride for their riders and handlers. They are scored on their gait in the way they are able to walk, jog and lope. The horse must be able to perform according to the cues that they are given by the rider.

Reining Competitions

Both the skills of the rider and the horse are important here. The rider gives the horse cues through the use of the reins. Depending on the way the rider uses the reins the horse will know to make a lead change, or perhaps come to a sliding stop. Close attention is required by both horse and rider and this creates the basis for judging and evaluation.

Trail Riding

Some believe that trail riding events in the western horse industry is equal to the dressage event in English equestrian events. In the trail riding competition, the horses must be able to handle various obstacles without becoming spooked and putting the rider at risk.

Gymkhana Events

For those that enjoy speed events when it comes to horse competitions, they will enjoy events that fall within this category like barrel racing and pole weaving. The horses participating in these events must be agile while having speed at the same time as they are racing to complete the events against the clocks in a flawless manner.


For the rugged aspects of the horse competitions many turn to the rodeo events for their thrills both as participants as well as spectators. There are a series of different competitions in this category such as bronc riding and calf roping.

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