How Horse Breeds are Developed

There are many different types of horse breeds in the world. The horse breeding industry is one that has been around for centuries and it strives to produce the perfect breed, both the way they look as well as their performance characteristics.

Each breed is known for its natural abilities and breeders will work tirelessly trying to strengthen these characteristics by choosing the right stud and the right mare to breed and produce an offspring that possesses both of their strong features. Sometimes, breeding entails breeding within the breed. Other times, breeders will strive to cross-breed the horses hoping to capture the strengths of both the breeds.

A good example of this is the Arabian horse breed. This is a horse breed known for its ability to handle the type of atmosphere that is present in the desert. They have a natural ability to be able to go long distances without tiring quickly. Then there are other breeds like the Amercian quarter horse known for its strength and is well recognised as a working horse.

Breeders who focus on mixing different breeds of horses have managed to come up with some unique offsprings which are well recognised. For example, there is the Quarab.

The Quarab is a horse that comes from the bloodlines of the Arabian, the quarterback horse, and the paint breeds. Their characteristics are comprised of speed, stock, and pleasure. Those that get to see the Quarab will notice different traits in their appearance that retrace back to the foundation breeds. Some of these traits will be stronger than others. One Quarab may possess more of the appearance of the Arabian horse from its bloodline. It may have a longer neck compared to the short neck which is attributed to the quarter horse.

Horse breeding has to be done with a responsible approach to ensure that inferior breeds are not created.

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