Horse Showmanship Competitions

During an average horse show, there can be many different types of competitions. Some horse shows are restricted to specific breeds while others are open to different breeds and have different events scheduled.

One favored horse event that can occur with several different breeds of horses is showmanship. What makes this particular event so important is because it can be used as an introduction to the horse show circuit.

One particular category within this event is halter showing. This is where the handler of the horse will lead the horse by a halter. The horse will be expected to walk accordingly and stand in an appropriate fashion. Both of these are as the result of the way the handler gives commands to the horse.

In order for the horse to compete effectively in showmanship, it requires some previous training for both the horse and the handler prior to the showmanship competition.

The appearance of the horse is going to be included in the scoring of the horse. The horse must clean, clipped and well groomed. Preparation begins early on by making sure the horse is healthy and this is reliant on proper nutrition and exercise.

The handler must be fully aware of all the rules that are part of the competition. This will include the expectations of the judges when it comes to grooming and the type of tack that is being used. Small details are very important and they will pertain to the type of breed of horse that is entering the showmanship competition. If it is a western competition then western tack will be required and English if it is for English Showmanship. The way the handler presents themselves and their appearance is also taken into account.

Usually, many of the showmanship competitions are done with youth handlers and this is their first introduction into the world of horse competitions.

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