Horse Breeding Techniques

After the owner of a mare has looked at all the aspects that come with horse breeding, then it has to be determined which breeding technique would be the most viable according to the present circumstances. There are a couple of breeding techniques that can be used.

Live Covering for the Breeding

Live covering is basically letting nature take its course but with a little help. The mare will be brought to the location of the breeding stallion. Once here and is in season for breeding she may be turned out to pasture with the stallion. Here both the stallion and the mare will be left together for a few days. This is known as pasture bred although it is controlled by ensuring only the breeding pair is in the pasture.

For this type of breeding, there is a process that is followed before actually allowing the two horses to go freely about in pasture. Care has to be taken that neither horse will kick or bite the other. The horse is often introduced with a fence barrier between the two of them. This is the teasing period and the reaction of both horses is carefully studied. The mare will show specific signs if she is ready to accept the stallion. In some cases, there will be handlers present to ensure the horses bred safely.

Artificial Insemination

For this type of breeding the mare and the stallion will never actually come in contact with each other. There are some great advantages to this type of breeding as it allows for more selection for the breeding horses. Semen from a horse can be shipped around the world. There is also less danger that either horse will become injured during their breeding activity. It means less traveling for the mare once she is in foal. Breeders have the opportunity to be more selective.

Either method of breeding provides some great opportunities for the breeding industry.

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