History of Northcote Heavy Horse Centre, Lincolnshire

History of Northcote Heavy Horse Centre

The Heavy Horse Centre of Northcote is an extremely dedicated animal welfare charity which has the sole purpose of protecting horses and their welfare. Over 25 years the centre has been running through funding from the public and various other donators.

Without the generosity of the public, the centre would not be able to function. The horses that come to the centre would has been abused or mistreated meaning that they need a lot of care to reach full health again.

The centre provides each horse with a safe home and the medical treatments that they require.

The special events that are put on by the centre creates awareness of the cause and encourages more donations from the public. The majority of the events put on by Heavy Horse will ask for a entry fee which will be a donation to the running and upkeep of the centre.

The centre finds as many ways as they can o generate donations as they are dependent on them to run. Another way that they create donations is through their catalogue. The catalogue is full of horse related gift ideas where a percentage of the price will be a donation to the cenre.

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